中国企业差旅管理峰会 Chinese Corporate Travel Management Summit

2015年09月 高峰论坛


中国企业差旅管理峰会 Chinese Corporate Travel Management Summit

主办: 鲍纬管理咨询(上海)有限公司 Sponsor: BroadWay Consulting (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. 

2015年09月24-26日  苏州国际博览中心 (24-25号二全天峰会;26号上午半天商务考察)                                                                                                                                                                    Sep.24th,2015 to Sep.26th, 2015  Suzhou International Expo Center(24th-25th Sep Two Full Days Conference;26th Half Day Business Investigation)


论坛简介Introduction of the Forum

论坛规模:300 大会配备同声传译 Scale of the Forum: 300 people Provided with simultaneous interpretation

论坛主办单位:鲍纬管理咨询(上海)有限公司 Forum Sponsor: BroadWay Consulting (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

时间:2015-09-24 08:30 - 开始; 2015-09-26 12:00 - 结束 Time: Begin:2015-09-24 08:30; End :2015-09-26 12:00

地点:中国 江苏 苏州市 苏州国际博览中心 Add: Suzhou International Expo Center, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

论坛参会代表:采购部 ︳人力资源 ︳ 财务部 ︳CXO ︳公关部 ︳市场部 ︳等超过200位总监以上级别的企业高管嘉宾将会参加本次两天的全部会议

Forum Representatives: Purchasing Department/ Human Resource/ Financial Department/ CXO/ Public Relations Department / Marketing Department etc. More than 200 enterprise top management guests whose levels are higher than chief supervisor will attend the two-day conferences.








During the two sessions in 2015, our prime minister, Li Keqiang, proposed the following concept in the government report for the fist time: “Formulate the Internet +”Action Plan,and enterprises can make use of Internet,Internet of Things and Electronic Commence Integrated Technology to realize the travel control and purchasing.

The core of travel management lies in controlling and specification. As the second biggest cost in corporations, the travel expense will be reduced by 25% to 35% if properly managed.

According to statistics, travel expense has been the second biggest controllable cost, which is next to human resource, in enterprise operation. More and more enterprise has started to entrust professional travel companies to provide with relevant services, so as to enhance the business travel management level and resources integration abilities, and thus cut the travel cost.

After the international travel management corporations entered into Chinese market, the Chinese enterprises learned more knowledge about travel management and their requests are more apparent. Meanwhile, their market services become more considerate and mature. Though there is difference among countries, the market scale has strengthened the continual developing power.

Why on earth there is such a broad travel market in China, it does not stimulate the prosperity in travel management? Where is the way to China’s Travel Management?

In this Forum, the sponsor Broadway Consulting will invite the related international authorized organizations, industry veterans and top management from world top 500 enterprise as guest lectures to share the relevant professional knowledge, practical experiences and management experiences with us, so as to help your company to manage travel in a better way.

The Forum will last for two days. At that time, it will appeal the purchasing personnel, accountants, human resources, marketing, public relations, travel and administration top management from hundreds of large home and foreign enterprises to participate in.

企业在差旅费用管控中经常面临如下问题:Corporations often face the following problems in travel expense management:

-差旅费用预算执行不到位,超预算情况时有发生--the execution of travel expense budget is not in place, beyond budgeting often occurs

-公司缺乏完善的差旅管理制度,员工差旅行为难以控制--lack of perfect travel management system, it is hard to control the employee’s travel behaviors

-报销凭证繁多,报销流程繁琐,财务做账效率低下--too many reimbursement vouchers, the reimbursement process is complicated, and low accounting efficiency

-员工虚报报销金额以及假发票问题难以应对--hard to tackle with the problems such as employee’s false reimbursement and fake receipts

-交际应酬及礼品政策不清晰为公司带来合规风险--uncleared socializing and present policy caused to the compliance risk of the company

本次论坛亮点:The Highlights of this Forum:

多行业Benchmark差旅费标准:医药、快消、制造业财务总监同台分享,揭示所在行业差 旅费用标准,助您探寻到企业内部差旅费用管控空间。

Multiple Benchmark travel expense standard: Medicine, Snack food, Manufacturing CFO will share their experiences and reveal the travel expense standard of their industry,thus help you to explore the control space of your inner travel expense.


Providing with one-stop travel expense management and control solution: from travel expense budget formulation, travel management and reimbursement institution, taxation and anti-commence bribe risks and reimbursement system to business-travel management suppliers for selection. We will offer all-round and multi-angel solution for you.

圆桌讨论时下最热差旅管理议题:所有参会同行将以圆桌讨论会的形式参与热点问题探讨, 您既是参与者也是分享者,多元化问题与意见将碰撞出智慧的火花。

Discuss the hottest travel management subject in round table: all the participants will discuss the hot topics in the form of round table. You are both the participants and the sharers. The diversity of problems and opinions will let wisdom sparkle in the clash of ideas .

通过此次高峰论坛 , 您将获得:By attending this summit forum, you will obtain the following:


Listening--Listen the global travel specialist tendency analysis and exploration to the present situation Of Chinese business award tourism


Communication--Travel strategy share and communication by inner- industry benchmark enterprises


Enlightenment--The application of industry leading travel management and controlling solution as well as the latest technology in your company


Discussion--Gain the face to face communication opportunities with the domestic industry elites


Opportunities-- Seek company development and cooperation opportunities with best suppliers

了解多个行业差旅费用标准Understand multi-industrial travel expense standard

了解领先企业差旅费用管理制度和流程Learn leading enterprise travel expense management system and procedures

学习差旅费用预算的制定和执行方式Study the formulation and executive model of travel expense budget

了解市场上优质差旅供应商以及供应商谈判技巧Understand the high-quality travel suppliers in market and its negotiation skills

学习如何避免交际应酬与送礼行为中的潜在风险Learn how to avoid the potential risks in socialization and gift-giving behaviors

如何让会奖旅游差旅政策得到更有效执行How to execute the travel policy of award tourism more efficiently?

如何通过支付管理降低企业差旅成本How to reduce the travel cost by payments management?

如何利用技术创新,在控制成本的同时,提升商务会奖体验How to make use of technology innovation, while control the the cost simultaneously, and enhance the commerce award experience?

航空公司如何为企业客户和商务旅行者带来真正的价值How the Airline company bring the real value for enterprise guests and business travelers?

如何进行企业商务会奖旅游安全管理How to guarantee the safety management for corporation business award travel?

全球化背景下,如何平衡企业商务会奖成本控制及员工满意度In this age of globalization, how to balance the enterprise business award cost control and staff’s satisfaction.

采购主管如何设置商务会奖旅游的优先权How does the purchasing supervisor set up the priority for business award travel?

本次论坛拟邀演讲嘉宾The Guest lecturers to be invited for this Forum:

Noor Ahmad Hamid亚太区域总监ICCA Noor Ahmad Hamid Director of the Asia-Pacific Region ICCA

姚红中国分会副主席,中国会奖专业委员会副秘书长国际奖励旅游管理者协会(SITE) Yao Hong, vice President of China branch,

China Award Professional Committee Deputy Secretary-general

International Association of Award Management,

中青旅,众信,China Youth International Travel Service, U.tour,

Cvent,京东,会小二,咪拍 Cvent, JD.COM,, Mepai,


君联资本董事 总经理 刘泽辉The director board of Legend Capital General Manger Liu Zehui

投中资本 董事 胡伟东The director board of CVC Capital Hu Weidong

松数资本 创始合伙人 蔡猜Founding Partner of Pine Capital Cai Cai

吴克俭, 副总经理, 中航嘉信商务旅行管理有限公司Wu Kejian, Deputy General Manager, Carlson Wagonlit Travel Management Co., Ltd.

携程计算机技术(上海)有限公司副总裁及商旅管理事业部首席执行官Ctrip Computer Technology(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Vice-president and Commence Travel Management Division CEO

RADIUS亚太地区总经理 Roger Pfund RADIUS General Manager in Asian-Pacific Region Roger Pfund

宜家(中国)投资有限公司亚太区商务支持中心中国区差旅管理IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Asian-Pacific Region Business Supporting Center, Travel management in China Region

海南海航航空销售有限公司合作发展部产品推广中心经理兼商旅项目经理Hainan HNA Aviation Sales Co., Ltd. Cooperation and Development Department Products Promotion Center Manager and Business Travel Project Manager

国民淀粉工业(上海)有限公司财务经理National Starch Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Financial Manager

海正辉瑞制药有限公司合规及审计部总监 Hai Zheng Hui Rui Medicine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Director of Compliance and Audit Department

小松中国投资有限公司中国区财务总监Komatsu (China) Investment Co. Ltd. Finance Director in China Region

瑞尔盛中国信用及资金总监Ryerson China, Credit and capital Supervisor

辉瑞公关总监Pfizer Public Relations Director

全球商务旅行协会(GBTA),亚太地区副总裁Global Business Travel Association, Vice-president of Asia-Pacific Region


中兴通讯, 财务高级副总裁ZTE, Senior Vice-president of Finance

锦江HRG,总经理HRG, General Manager

GCM,副总经理GCM, Vice General Manager

Valspar,采购总监Valspar, Purchasing Director

美亚财产保险,副总裁&大中华地区区域经理Chartis Insurance Company, Vice-president and Regional Manager of China Region

西门子,中国东北亚区采购总监(商旅及市场服务品类)SIEMENS, Purchasing President in China and North East Asian (Business Travel and Marketing Services)

宜家,区域会议及旅游经理IKEA, Regional Conference and Travel Manager

利丰集团,财务副总裁Li & Fung Group, Vice-president of Finance

上海外航商务旅行公司,总裁Shanghai Foreign Airline Business Travel Company, President

中国国际SOS救援中心,副医疗总监China International SOS Rescue Center, Vice Medical Director

香港四海旅游,大中华区商务旅游总经理Hong Kong Four Seas Travel, Business Travel General Manager of China Region

保乐力加集团,采购总监Pernod Ricard Group, Purchasing Director

礼来制药,商务及会议服务经理LILLY, Business and Conference Service Manager

通用电气,间接采购总监General Electric, Indirect Purchasing Director

福特汽车差旅经理Ford Motor,Travel Manager

苹果中国差旅经理Apple (China), Travel Manager

博世副总裁-企业传播Robert Bosch GmbH, Vice-president- Enterprise Broadcast

菲亚特克莱斯勒亚太区对外关系,政策与政府事务,政府关系和企业活动部主管 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Asian-Pacific Region External Relations, Policy and Government Affairs, Government Relations and Enterprise Activity Department Supervisor

论坛日程Forum Agenda

第一天上午全体大会:The plenary session in the morning of the first day:

09:00-09:20 打造国际一流会展城市的标准09:00-09:20 Build the standard of international first class exhibition city

“智慧”城市和城市发展“Wisdom” city and urban development

会展对于城市知名度和影响力的作用The effect of exhibition to urban popularity and influence

借鉴海外国家会展局和城市会议局的做法Refer to the practice of overseas national exhibition bureau and city conference bureau

设置关键指标的评估The evaluation of settings of the key index

Noor Ahmad Hamid亚太区域总监ICCA Noor Ahmad Hamid Director of Asian-Pacific Region ICCA

09:20-09:40 分享推广城市会奖目的地的方法Sharing the method of promoting the destination of the City Council Award

国际会奖领域专业活动的参与和推广The participation and promotion of professional activity in international award field

大数据助力催生新兴会奖产品Big data help to create the newly award products

拓展国际合作伙伴和销售渠道Broaden the international cooperation partners and distribution channels

增强自我竞争力,打造国际水平的团队Strengthen the self competitiveness and forge the international level team

姚红中国分会副主席Yao Hong Vice-president of China Branch

中国会奖专业委员会副秘书长国际奖励旅游管理者协会(SITE) China Award Professional Committee Deputy Secretary General, International

Association of Award Management, China Youth International Travel (SITE)

09:40-10:20 Leaders Think Tank: 会奖智慧城市
Leaders Think Tank: Award Wisdom City

※会奖促进城市发展:不同城市的发展战略及会奖领域扶持政策Award promotes the urban development: the development strategy and award fields and supporting policy for different cities

※打造城市综合竞争力以促进会展产业发展Forge the urban comprehensive competitiveness, so as to promote the development of exhibition

※“智慧”联结技术,哪些技术将在不远的未来被大量运用”Wisdom” combination technology, which technologies will be largely applied in the near future

※专业会展组织者眼中的最佳目的地城市The best destination cities in professional exhibition Organizer’s eyes

Host: Cao Zufeng

南京旅游局;宁波旅游局;海外旅游局Nanjing tourist administration; Ningbo tourist administration; Overseas tourist administration

10:20-10:40 茶歇
Tea Break

10:40-11:20 Leaders Think Tank:传统MICE企业如何布局互联网
Leaders Think Tank: How to layout the Internet in traditional MICE corporations

* 布局主流在线旅游平台Layout mainstream on-line tourism platform

* 合作与“联姻” Cooperation and “alliance”

* 发挥优势,寻找差异化lay the advantages, find out the differences

* 买家角度出发的客户体验The customer experience from the angel of the buyer

China Youth International Travel Service, U.tour

11:20-12:00 Leaders Think Tank :异军突起的MICE 平台服务商们Leaders Think Tank: The sprung up everywhere MICE platform service providers

*Cvent的模式在美国是如何成功的,那么中国呢?How did the Cvent model succeed in US? Can it be applied in China?

*头脑风暴;中国SAAS服务商们的生存现状和未来发展Brainstorm: The existing status and future development of Chinese SAAS service providers

*增加竞争力是否应该打通线上线下,MICE全产业链Should we strengthen competitiveness by break through on-line and off-line ,the whole supply chain of MICE

*中小型MICE服务提供商应该如何应对竞争与变化How can the medium and small MICE service providers respond to the competitiveness and change

Cvent,京东,Gartner Cvent, JD.COM, Gartner

12:00-13:00 Leaders Think Tank :投资者眼中MICE互联网商业模式Leaders Think Tank: The MICE Internet Business model in the investor’s eyes

打造线上MICE产业生态圈Forge the on-line MICE industry ecosystem

MICE资本运作策略及模式探讨MICE capital operation strategy and model discussion

对MICE互联网企业的点评Evaluate the MICE internet enterprises

资本布局后传统企业该如何应对MICE互联网After capital layout, how should the traditional enterprises respond to MICE internet


君联资本董事 总经理 刘泽辉The director board of Legend Capital General Manger Liu Zehui

投中资本 董事 胡伟东The director board of CVC Capital Hu Weidong

松数资本 创始合伙人 蔡猜Founding Partner of Pine Capital Cai Cai

第一天下午:In the afternoon of the first day:

13:00-13:45医药行业差旅费用管控经验分享Experience sharing of medical industry travel expense management and controlling

1:医药行业差旅费用管理普遍存在的问题以及现状The universal phenomenon and current situation of travel expense management in medical industry

2:针对现有问题采取的管控措施Take management and controlling measures to the current problems

*重点在年度预算编制的细节(到人,到事)The key points lies in the details of the annual budgeting

*规定花费标准(内外部餐标,酒店标准,机票标准,礼品标准,开会与团队活动比例标准等) 高峰论坛